The Love Your Home Launch Party

Below is the replay of the live launch party on zoom that was recorded on November 7, 2023

Please watch the video and then look for all the links under the video. Enjoy! 💖🎉🏠🌟

Below are all the links mentioned in the video.

The Three Tresures of Feng Shui Course (worth $299)

Join this $299 course for free! The discount code is pre-applied to the link.

To Earn Points and Stay Informed:

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  1. Hi Moni – I love the fact that you are connected to the nature of reality and get your info directly close to source. I feel like my life has changed a little already. I’m actually excited about life again and am paving a new career path in my freelance writing. Thank you Moni! You are great! A gift to us from Heaven. 🙂 xxx

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