The 3 Superpowers of Your Home

Welcome to the class The 3 SuperPowers of Your Home! We’re so happy you’re here.

Please ensure that you are in a calm and peaceful environment (or wearing headphones or air pods) and make yourself comfortable while you watch. This is your special time! Get ready to transform the way you see your home and how it influences the way you live.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time to Learn!

I know you’re busy and you want to get information fast. That’s why I have broken down this class into short segments that you can watch in less than 10 minutes. This gives you the ability to pick and choose what you’re called to watch. However, the greatest benefit to you will come from watching all the videos in their entirety and in the order presented here. If you have questions or comments, use the “reply” feature at the bottom of this page. I check every day!

Can you imagine growing up in a place where you couldn’t trust science?

When I was a child, growing up in Quito, Ecuador, things in my environment didn’t match what I saw in my school books, movies or TV. Even the directions on the sides of food packages were wrong. This trained me to never take new information at face value, but always check that it worked for my circumstances.

Developing Powers of Observation to Understand Feng Shui

Before I even went to kindergarten, I had already been in hundreds of homes, and I had already learned much about what later on in life I would recognize as the art of Feng Shui. I learned these things from my grandma Mercedes.

How My Grandmother Taught Me “How to Live”

When I was little, I thought my grandma took me to visit all her friends, relatives and acquaintances because I was a natural and essential addition to any tea party. As a teenager, I thought my grandmother took me everywhere because she liked my company. It didn’t dawn on me that these visits were part of my education until much later, when I went through the school of architecture.

Three Ways in Which Your Home Holds You Back

Before we talk about the 3 Superpowers of Your Home, it’s important for you to learn about the ways your home could be holding you back. If you feel like your home is draining you and you are at the service of your home, instead of having your home work for you, you probably are dealing with the issues described in this video.

Activate the 3 Superpowers of Your Home

This video will show you how to navigate the gap between the home you have today and the dream home you deserve — and how the process of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System can take you from an unfulfilled life to a life you love!

Our 3 Offers for Home Fitness

Home Feng Shui and personal fitness have many things in common. One of those things is that they are long term commitments. Another thing they have in common is that they require a lot of guidance.

Watch the video below to learn about the 3 programs we offer to work with Moni so you get to live in a dream home and have a dream life.

Case Histories – Before and After Photos – Real Homes of People Like You

You may not know this, but many of the before and after photos that you see on other sites were actually staged for the purpose of the photo shoot. Here we show you real examples of real homes that people like you have transformed with our teachings and guidance.

Is Feng Shui Against Your Religion?

Our type of Feng Shui can be practiced alongside any religion or faith. Moni sifted through all Feng Shui knowledge to only use that which is practical and effective, and free of superstition.

However, other types of Feng Shui are heavily influenced by astrology, numerology and practices from other religions, which would conflict with most faiths.

Book a Meeting to Work with Moni and Get a Gift

Book a meeting with Rishi, our customer success manager, to learn about the three ways in which you can work with Moni, and which one is the best match for you home and you.

Would you like to learn about:

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Book a free call with Rishi to learn about all these things, get a special gift just for meeting with him, and find out what your personality type is.

After you book a meeting here, you’ll fill out two forms:

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  2. One short form to answer some questions that Moni will evaluate personally to determine your five elements personality type.

It’s Time for You to Make a Change!

It’s time for you to take control of your home and your life. Your next step is to book a free meeting with Rishi below:

Rishi Patel

Feng Shui for Us™ Customer Success Manager

Book a meeting to get access to discounts and bonuses when you join our programs to work with Moni.

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This fascinating chart will show you the perfect times of day or night to place your Feng Shui Cures for the life areas, to add some energetic punch to your cures. The chart also shows you what organs in your body are associated to each life area.

To get this amazing gift, you need to schedule a meeting with Rishi, our customer success manager, TODAY to have a chat about your dreams for your home. We won’t try to convince you to join any program, we’ll just help you see what’s available. Rishi will email you the chart after you meet, whether you decide to sign on or not. 😊🌸💖


  1. Nå er det bare det at jeg er svært dårlig og snakke engelsk. Men jeg bruker den automatiske oversettelsen . Jeg skulle gjerne hadt den organ liten …

    • I used google translate but I’m still not sure. Are you saying you would like to have the chart that correlates life areas with the times of the day and organs? If so, the only way to get the chart is to book a meeting with Rishi. Is your English good enough for a meeting?

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