What is Feng Shui? How old is it? Why are there two branches?

The most common complaint of people when they first get into Feng Shui is that it is confusing. Would you like to end the Feng Shui confusion?

In this short video, I answer these questions:

  • What is Feng Shui?
  • How old is it? 
  • Why are there two branches?

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  1. Thank you for explaining that. Seems like my first interests in feng shui started after moving into my corner condo. A nice big yard and tree outside the front door was a big draw, and thinking I’d learn to “fix” anything. I was very adventurous then.

    In recent time, a devout Christian friend visited and heard me describe some of the difficulties of the flow of the space and that I believed hope lies in the application of feng shui principles. Some days later she emailed expressing deep concern about (me) and my interest in feng shui. She linked to some website that was ironically very informative that summarized with an opinion that it is an anti-Biblical practice and so forth.

    I responded that my beliefs include some ideas (like reincarnation) that are not in typical Christian canon either but my life path had exposed me more broadly and, that I don’t believe Christ would have us put on blinders. (She’s normally somewhat open-minded. I mean, she made friends with me.)

    Sorry if that’s odd and off topic. If I had merely said, ‘I’m looking into better interior design,’ it wouldn’t have caused this mutually unsettling event.

    • Very interesting, Mari. What many Christians don’t know is that along with the Bible there were other books and an oral tradition in Jewish culture. There is actually a Jewish version of Feng Shui, where it teaches them how to organize their homes. It has a religious bent, intended to make people more devout by how and where they place certain items in their homes. I got a message from my angels, very early on, to produce a type of Feng Shui that would be OK for Christians to practice — literally they said Christians. Later on I realized that for some fundamentalist evangelical Christians nothing that is not specifically mentioned in the Bible would be accepted. Now I see the message was intended for me to stay clear of superstitious beliefs, and so that people from any religion, or no religion, could practice Feng Shui.

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