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We empower clients to create dream homes where they can live happy lives, with purpose, clarity and confidence.

There are three ways to work with Moni to turn your home into a dream home.

  1. The Feng Shui Immersion Journey – a customized and private long distance consulting service.
  2. The Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab – an online group program.
  3. Feng Shui Consultant Training – online courses & private mentorship.

“Moni’s approach to Feng Shui is just great! She took my wife and I through all the steps to harmonize our house. The experience was a lot of fun and the steps or cures where easy to implement. We could immediately see a lot of changes in our personal lives and a lot of movement for the best. I highly recommend working with Moni for any of your Feng Shui needs and/or training. She is dedicated, she loves what she does, and she is really good at it. She has also become a friend of my family. 5/5 Stars!”

Eduardo Alarcon 
Miami, Florida

Our school of Feng Shui uses the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, a method created by Moni Castaneda, that combines Western Architecture with Ancient Feng Shui, and the principles of Alternative Healing. This system is always effective in creating homes that are beautiful, comfortable, practical, and imbued with good energy.
Moni is currently accepting new clients and students.
Explore Moni’s 3 offers below:

Feng Shui Immersion Journey

Let Moni guide you step by step as you turn your current home into a dream home, and receive the internal benefits of practicing Feng Shui.

Every task in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System is designed to elicit a transformation in your soul, so that the end result is not just a fantastic place, but also a new, more authentic you.

Embark on a journey of finding your true self so you can live a life filled with purpose, clarity and confidence!

If your home is currently not supporting you as you wish and not making you proud, get an online home consultation. To learn more, book a meeting below:

“The consultation with Moni has allowed me the ability to feel relaxed and comfortable in my home. The flow is awesome. Before my consultation with Moni, I would arrange and rearrange rooms over and over again. I never felt like I had it right, and drove the people who helped me move my furniture over and over again crazy! Moni’s system made everything really pop out with precision and ease. She definitely was there for me on all levels.”

Rebecca Rosemergey 

Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab

Join a vibrant community of people who are transforming their homes in a fun group environment.

The Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab offers:

  • Live videos
  • Instruction
  • Hangouts
  • Feedback
  • Coaching
  • Fun times!

If you want to make friends, learn about the interior design aspects of Feng Shui and get feedback about your home, then this program is for you. To learn more, book a meeting below:

“Being a part of the FengShui dream home creation lab has deepened and expanded my knowledge of FengShui interior design – it’s a holistic art form that everyone can learn . I would call it FengShui interior design… it’s a really fabulous program .”

Karlamanda Bell

Sydney, Australia

Feng Shui Consultant Training

Help people transform their homes and their lives with the power of Feng Shui.

Learn a step by step method that always works to create great spaces and better lives.

This is a process that produces amazing results every time you apply it.

Bring home a lucrative extra income that commands a nice hourly rate, so that you can still have plenty of time to enjoy other aspects of your life.

To learn more, book a meeting below:

“Thank you for your continued support and guidance, I’m so glad I followed my gut and chose you as my Feng Shui teacher back when I started! All of the wonderful resources you provide keep me engaged with continued study and give me the confidence that if I come across something I don’t know that there’s a wealth of information I can refer back to find out. You are such a kind and wonderful teacher 😊.”

Katie North
United Kingdom

Real Life Transformations

Take a look at these before and after photos from one of Moni’s clients.

The objective was to modernize a kitchen in a traditional home without losing the charm. 

The appliances were rearranged for greater functionality and spaciousness.

The hardwood floors add warmth to a light colored kitchen.  

Modern lighting creates contrast and amazing effects.

The home owner now reports cooking more often, and eating healthier at home.

Are you ready to transform your home and your life?

Compare our offers:

Need Help Selecting an Offer?

If you need help figuring out which of Moni’s programs is better for you, the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab, the Feng Shui Immersion Journey, or the Feng Shui Consultant Training Book a Call.

Our customer success manager will be happy to meet with you for a 20 minute discovery call here.

“Moni’s style is is gentle and very encouraging. She allows students to digest the information and do what is best for their own style, budget, and families’ needs.”

Victoria J. Taylor, Lic Ac,

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